Letter to my best friend 

This is the post excerpt.


U were the only part of my life n will be forever..

U started with a ‘Hie’ and will continue forever.

Life gave us many happy moments that were unforgettable..

It also gave us the sorrow that we enjoyed together..
I wish everyday to see you when I wake up..

But unfortunately it separated us the wish remain in my wish list that you promise me to complete it before I could say it to you..

Broken Friendship?

It will be the first day of college soon..
I’ll be here again writing you..
College will be same…

Even teachers too..
Batch mate would be same..
But friendship will be “New”
Entering into the college gate with smile on our faces..

That was my favorite thing which I’ll never forget with you..
A year has been pass you haven’t change..
The only thingchange is our friendship….

Bonding we had share for years will be kept as memory in that scrap book.. Which I have kept above all.

.Memory last forever not friendship I came to know with time..
I miss you my best friend please be mine..

Again those memories will run down through my veins..
My soul will shiver to hold you’re hand again..


A day with you is an amazing start
We didn’t clicked any moment together because everything was kept in our heart ♥
Am proud of having you as my Bae more then I love you forever
You are the strongest women I have ever seen after my mother
The bond we held for half year Is a new journey of our life
You go on girl I’ll be there for you…

I will never mind to propose you that.. Will you be my future wife 😘😘😘
Love never fades with time I came to know
Bowing down to you would always be a pride to me
How much I luv you that you can see on my eye’s glow
The only thing would change with years will be the age
The only thing would remain constant would be the love..
Some days would be mess, some years would be so..
You go on girl I’ll be there with u..

I won’t be there but my soul will always cherish you..
Everything would come to an end.. Things would disappear, Time will vanish.. But?


Why Only A Feminist?

The only word that most of the people hate or they have a feeling of “disgusted”
Ya,isn’t it true..
Nobody knows how to justify it!! And still they want to hate it..
The word only mean to give justice to people and to a section of people…
In a crowd of hundred smile
There pains are deep inside their soul
They never let them to be a topic of gossip for others
Inspite they portray themselves self before everyone as suitable role..
They feel everything but are helpless…
They ask for help but they had a feeling of betrayal…
They tried to raise their voice and was sealed up..
And their a feminist rose up in the population
Gathering the courage to fight against the system, to fight for them not against them..
To fight against the patriarchal society not the men..
And here in the battle she fought alone..
And some other day, some other place a new voice tried the same……….